Jeff Healey – In Memoriam

Blind since early childhood, Jeff Healey’s guitar playing virtuosity and soulful voice saw him rise to prominence in the entertainment world in the late 1980s selling millions of albums worldwide. For over two decades, Jeff would go on to enjoy success in not only rock and blues,  but also a wonderful jazz music career.

 On March 2nd of 2008, we lost Canadian music icon, Jeff Healey.

Mourned by his family, friends and fans around the world. 

Time has allowed a re-examination of the rich musical legacy Jeff left behind.  Contributions to the worlds of Jazz, Rock and Blues. Through his brilliant guitar playing, soaring trumpet, soulful voice, and the charities he championed,

Through the kind collaboration of the Healey Family Trust, Cristie Healey and Roger Costa – two prints are being made available to commemorate Jeff  Healey receiving a Star on the Canadian Walk of Fame; and in memoriam of a truly original Canadian talent, lost too early to cancer.


Daisy’s is a research foundation dedicated to helping children with retinoblastoma, the form of eye cancer which took Jeff’s sight as an infant. Daisy’s Eye Cancer Fund is dedicated to bringing life and sight saving care to all children with retinoblastoma, a curable cancer that kills 7,000 children every year.

They believe many precious young lives will be saved by increasing awareness, access to existing treatments and family support.

Working from the grassroots to the national level, empowering communities and medical teams to vault many different challenges so that each child can receive the best possible care.  We encourage families, medical teams and communities in our partner countries to be active leaders in developing high quality sustainable care.

Jeff’s son Derek was born with the same genetic mutation that caused the retinoblastoma in Jeff, but thanks to the very real hard work and research that Daisy’s does, Derek was actually diagnosed in vitro and treatment began immediately after he was born. As a result, Derek has been tumor-free  and has near-perfect eyesight.

Less than a decade earlier, such an early diagnosis would have been impossible.

I had the opportunity to photograph Jeff performing in concert several times. I was formally introduced backstage during a Canada Day Concert at the Old Port in Montreal.  One of the first things he asked me was,  “So, when can I see some of the photos?”,  then letting out a deep laugh. Oddly enough Bryan Lee, who is also blind, asked me a similiar question. These 2 images are my favorite shots of Jeff. They were also included as part of the inauguration ceremony of his Star on the Canada Walk of Fame. The images were also part of a solo exhibition “Black & White & Blues” which featured  a variety of  black and white images of blues artist I had  the pleasure of  capturing performing Live in Concert.

As a photographer and visual artist, I could not perceive of a world without my eyesight and to do a tiny part to help out I am offering the images of Jeff Healey to help raise awareness and funds.

The 18X24 inch signed and numbered  archival images are printed on d’Arches Verano paper and shipped rolled in boxes.

Each print is $99.99 CDN plus shipping via Canada Post.

Proceeds will go to Daisy’s Eye Cancer Fund, which a wonderful organization that has contributed real change through its research throughout the years and is near and very dear to the Healey family.

You can order either or both images by using the order link


Indicate your image choice and shipping address. A PayPal Invoice will be generated and sent to you.

You can order both images for a limited time for $169.99 plus shipping.

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