Paul Deslauriers Band Birthday Bash


Celebrating both Paul Deslauriers’ birthday and send-off to Memphis to represent Montreal (Quebec) at the International Blues Challenge – Paul and friends took to the stage at Petit Campus. A lucky crowd got to witness Paul with long time band mates Greg Morency and Sam Harrison show why they were chosen to represent Montreal at the prestigious event.  A variety of musical friends joined Paul and the band on stage. Harmonica player Guy Belanger, Angel with Denis Coulombe and Ricky Paquette, followed by Quebec favorite Martin Deschamps and finishing off the roster with Blues diva Dawn Tyler Watson.  The PDB is a unique three piece band – where all the members play off one another with near perfect synergy. I’ve seen Paul play many times, and have am always in awe of the scope of his guitar prowess, be it playing a soft acoustic piece as part of the Dawn Tyler Watson and Paul Deslauriers duo or completely annihilating a Led Zeppelin track!  I don’t think the Paul Deslauriers Band can deliver anything but a phenomenal performance making it difficult for any audience to stay quietly in their seats. A true showman  whose on stage energy engages everyone in the room to be part of the  show. No matter what size of venue, be it a 200 seat club or huge festival stage, the Paul Deslauriers Band will entertain you and keep you coming back for more.

The Paul Deslauriers Band Blow the Roof off the joint in Memphis and placed 2nd!

A Big Congratulations to Paul, Greg & Sam

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