Jordan Officer • BLUES SKIES LIVE!

Jordan Officer alongside Alain Bergé on drums and Sage Reynolds on acoustic and electric bass

jordan officer

played to a full house at Club Soda as part of his “Blue Skies” CD Tour. The show was an energetic evening of great guitar licks new, old and reinvented.  Promoting and touring his 3rd solo album “Blue Skies”, the Montreal-based jazz, blues & country musician. grew up in Montreal studying violin, bagpipes and eventually guitar.

The biggest editor of sheet music and music books in the world, Hal Leonard, recently included Jordan Officer amongst the greats in Scott Yanow’s publication “The Great Jazz Guitarists, The Ultimate Guide.” Jordan is acclaimed for his virtuosity and his unequaled sensitivity and sober elegance.  Jordan has  blended blues, jazz, country and rock’n’roll into a single and personal style and sound.
Officer was known as the jazz guitarist and cofounder of the “Susie Arioli Band featuring Jordan Officer”.


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…not only guitarists – have influenced me over the years. Concerning my guitar playing, I have been very touched by T-Bone Walkerand Charlie Christian. My guitar playing has always been halfway between jazz and blues. T-Bone Walker is a guitarist and blues singer who showed me how the blues could be tinged with jazzy sounds and jazzy way of playing. And the Charlie Christian‘s way of playing came to me : he was a jazz guitarist but with a blues approach, with a very strong rythm that is typical in blues.

Jordan Officer

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