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Guy Belanger releases his new album “Traces & Scars”on March 24th 2017.

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“meilleur harmoniciste au Québec”

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 “Traces & Scars” is his 7th CD to date. Guy recently won the prestigious André-Gagnon Prize for 2016 from the SPACQ (Société professionnelle des auteurs et compositeurs du Québec). Guy will be preforming the new CD live, April 20th at  Petit Champlain in Québec City and April 29th at L’Astral in Montréal. 

Traces & Scars has 10 instrumental compositions, that shift between folk and blues, with one featuring the interpretation of Luce Dufault. Guy is accompanied by his « son équipe de choc » which includes guitarist André Lachance, Marc-André Drouin (base, guitars et piano) and Michel Roy (drums and percussion).Other muscians who lend their talent include cellist Eric Longsworth,  guitarists Preston Reed and Kaven Girouard, as well as percussionist Paul Picard. 

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The work was both inspired and dedicated to his long time friend Bob Walsh (1941-2016). The CD is Guy Belanger, “harmoniciste et compositeur”- 40 years after he first debuted his talent.

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Guy Belanger & Friends

“Traces and Scars” was released last March, and when it finally reached the top of my not inconsiderable listening pile, I was blown away.  From Bélanger’s biography, I was expecting a full-blown blues affair.  The blues are certainly present, but there is so very much more to this album, which is at least in part a tribute to fellow blues musician Bob Walsh, who passed away in 2016.  The opening track, “My Dearest Friend,” is a slow and gorgeous ode to that friendship, and the harmonica in Bélanger’s hands has a fluidity and lyricism beyond any tribute in words.

Great Dark Wonder

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