Spencer MacKenzie Cold November

Spencer MacKenzie Cold November

Download CD Artwork

Spencer MacKenzie Cold November CD Artwork 

If you purchase the digital download of Spencer MacKenzie Cold November, you can add the artwork to your library! Alternatively, if you just want a spare of the booklet images, you can get them here. Spencer MacKenzie Cold November CD Artwork is available right here and for free!

Spencer and I started working in winter of 2017 on the design project for his CD. The images were taken by Bill King in late fall of 2017. The design palette was inspired by the title track “Cold November”, which is a song “dedicated to the November 2015 Paris Attacks and to the family, friends and loved ones of those affected by terrorism and hate in the world.” It was a brutal incident and the images needed to mirror the mood and horror of brutal attack.

You can download the all images in the booklet plus the CD disc art by clicking on the shopping cart icon. 

Spencer MacKenzie Cold November CD Artwork Downloads

To purchase the CD or the digital download visit Spencer at his website!

Spencer’s Official Website

Images taken of Spencer performing with his Band at the Mont Tremblant International Blues Festival in 2017.

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