Mack MacKenzie

mack mackenzie at barfly

Singer-songwriter-guitarist Mack MacKenzie brought 2 guitars,  an amp and a collection of finely crafted songs to the patrons and fans at Barfly.

As one of the founders and the cornerstone of Three O’Clock Train, Mack developed the genre of country-flavoured roots-rock and burst onto the Montreal music scene in the mid-80’s.  

Mack wrote the formula for alt-country before it was even a term that eventually went on to categorize and influence many bands, some critics citing Blue Rodeo as an example.

Mack writes direct honest lyrics that are to the point with a literary edge. Best known as the “front-man” of Three O’Clock Train, Mack and has been touring across the country and the border with the band and as a solo act. Mack is regarded as somewhat of a legend in Quebec and a well known fixture of the Plateau.


Every band made an effort to pretty much have their own sound and look. And not just rock’n’roll, either. There was punk, rock, electronic… We went with country just to be different. It was the only genre in Montreal that wasn’t already taken!  

Mack MacKenzie

Mack MacKenzie Performing at Barfly



Three O’Clock Train

2017 • “It takes a lot to laugh, it takes a train to cry” BD 2017 Three O’Clock Train Records DD

2016 • Train of Dreams 2016 Three O’Clock Train Records DD

2012 • Moon 2012 Three O’Clock Train Records DD

2012 • Wig Wam Beach 2012 Three O’Clock Train Records DD

2012 • Muscle In 2012 Three O’Clock Train Records 

1996 • Anthology: Wig Wam Beach/Muscle In 1996 Just a Memory Records CD

1991 • “It takes a lot to laugh, it takes a train to cry” BD 1991 Justin Time Records CD/Cassette

1988 • Love to Rain / Be My Baby (He Says) 1988 Pipeline Records 7” 45rpm Vinyl

1987 • Muscle In 1987 Pipeline Records Vinyl LP

1986 • Wig Wam Beach 1986 Pipeline Records 12” Vinyl EP

MacKenzie/Parker Gang

2000 • Ride for Glory 2000 Sony Records CD

Mack MacKenzie

1996 • Mack MacKenzie 1996 Justin Time Records CD/DD

1996 • I’m Not Your Indian Boy 1996 Justin Time Records CD Single


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