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Aldo Nova Designed Gibson Les Paul

The poster for the CD Aldo Nova 2.0 is a montage image of a guitar that Aldo designed and Gibson built – the Aldo Nova Les Paul –  the one photographed is serial number:  #001. Only 12 of the guitars were made, and Rick Nielsen (Cheap Trick) bought 11 of them! 


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There are 100 copies of the Poster

signed by Aldo Nova

11X17 Poster – including shipping to:

Canada: $65.00 – U.S.A: $70.00 – E.U.:$85.00 – Asia, Australia, Africa and South America: $100.00

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Large Prints are available in 18X24 and 24X36 upon request 

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This is the guitar that I designed that Gibson made for me, it’s a Les Paul with an explorer Headstock, there were only 12 made in the world, I have the first one still. Rick Neilsen from Cheap Trick bought all the other ones and at the show we played together in Mattawa, Canada, he asked me how much I wanted for mine, I said sorry Rick but some things are priceless. I love Rick, we had such fun times together when I opened up for Cheap Trick. I’ll always consider Rick, Robin and BunE. the dearest of friends to this day.

Aldo Nova

Some detail images of the Aldo Nova Les Paul

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The guitar was photographed in May (2018) and I began processing the RAW images in June, creating the first working file June 19. It took several weeks working on and off until completing the image at the end of July. 


The image is a montage of about 100 detail images of the guitar, by photographing it in small sections and from many different angles. The guitar was lit simply with one flash head mounted with a 4X6 foot soft box, and a second flash bounced off a white wall.  The full frame images are then imported into Lightroom and the exposure and color are adjusted, then exported out as full size PSD files. The images are then stacked as individual layers in Photoshop and saved as PSB files – which are photoshop files in excess of 2Gb!. The guitar hovered around 8Gb!! The pieces are then painstakingly  re-assembled playing with images taken at different angles and magnification. The full size image at print resolution is actually 5’X7′. That is feet!! These montage images tend to be large.


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