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It doesn’t take a lot to get me motivated. I’m a studio rat. When I was in high school and I would walk into a recording studio, it felt like this magical place, this temple, this womb that I could escape into.

Lenny Kravitz
The Tea Party "Triptych CD"

The Tea Party CD, Triptych, was recorded at the famed Le Studio, tucked away in the hills of Morin Heights (later renamed Studio Morin Heights). The green room walls were lined with albums and CD’s born of the labours in the studio – many notable Canadian and international artists walked the hallways: Rush (it was nicknamed “Rush’s Abbey Road”), Keith Richards, The  Police, The Bee Gees, Chicago, David Bowie, Rainbow, Sting, Nazareth, Ian Hunter and Cat Stevens. A residential recording studio neatly hidden in the Laurentian mountains of  Quebec. Le Studio was built in 1972 by recording engineer and producer André Perry, Nick Blagona and Yaël Brandeis and quickly become renowned for its retreat-like location.  Artists recorded at the studio and stayed at the house, a 3 minute walk down the path.

It was like the United Nations. I had people from London, New York, Quebecois, all over the world.

Andre Perry

The Triptych Sessions Photos

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I tried to blend into the furniture, so as to be “invisible” to be able to capture images that were natural and not staged. Not easy when you are in somewhat “close-quarters”. Many images were “shot from the hip”. Jeff (Burrows) actually asked once, “Why do you seem to disappear?”, “So you don’t notice me taking photographs”, I replied. I often tried to find a vantage point that was just out the “subjects” view. It was an interesting exercise. The history of the studio, made shooting there a somewhat ethereal experience. Many of the urban legends and folk tales about Le Studio, did hold a certain amount of embellished truth to them!

The Triptych Sessions Print

Te Party Triptych Sessions Print

This print was commissioned by Le Studio,  as a commemorative of The Tea Party having recorded there. The cover of the CD, also featured an image that I had taken of the Astronomical Clock in Prague – the image cropped down to the sun, the moon and the star. The 5 days spent up at Le Studio, photograping Jeff Martin, Jeff Burrows and Stuart Chatwood was a truly enlightening and  inspiring experieince.  The image is a 24X24 inch print available through the print store. It’s a favourite pieces of work. I have an excellent printer who handles the print orders.

There are 2 version of the image, the difference being the paper quality and archival permanence. 

Collector Print

Limited Edition (1000) 24X24″ Print on Archival Paper

Print Prices with handling+ packaging + shipping to:

Canada: $140 • U.S.A.: $160 • Europe/South America: $170 • Australia/Asia: $180 

(Prints are $120 CDN + handling+ packaging + shipping)

Economy Print

24X24″ Print on Pearl Paper

Print Prices with handling+ packaging + shipping to:

Canada: $80 • U.S.A.: $100 • Europe/South America: $110 • Australia/Asia: $120 

(Prints are $60 CDN + handling+ packaging + shipping)

A Few Artists & Albums Recorded at Le Studio

Cat Stevens “Numbers”; Chicago “Chicago 13”; April Wine “Harder…… Faster”, Rush “Permanent Waves”, “Signals”, “Moving Pictures”, “Grace Under Pressure”, “Presto”, “Roll the Bones”, “Counterparts”; Celine Dion “With this Tear”; Barenaked Ladies “Gordon”, The Jeff Healey Band “Hell to Pay”; Gowan “…but you can call me Larry”; Moist “Creature; Keith Richards “Talk is Cheap”; Kim Mitchell “Shakin’ Like A Human Being”; Luba “Between Earth & Sky”; Glass Tiger “The Thin Red Line”; Corey Hart “The Boy in the Box”; Bryan Adams “You Want It You Got It”.

In 2008 the studio had gone out of business, and as of 2015 the property was up for sale. On 11 August 2017, the building was partially destroyed by “a suspicious” fire. A sad end for a legendary studio. 

Tea Party LIVE 2014 Concert Photos

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