“I’m a Survivor” : Behind the Scenes

Aldo Nova video shoot

Aldo Nova : Behind the Scenes : I’m a Survivor

I’m a survivor” was shot on a cold snowy day in January [2019] at a sound stage on the west side of Montreal. Aldo Nova brought together drummer Billy Carmassi, Timothy Gaines on bass, keyboardist Sébastien Cloutier and guitarist Michel Bruno to shoot the video for the song from his CD Aldo Nova “2.0”.  Shot on a fifty foot stage with 5 cameras and a full lighting rig  to emulate a LIVE show recording, The lighting design was by Pierre E. Roy.

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“I’m A Survivor”

I have reached the highest highs
I have touched the lowest lows
But I never lost my faith
When there was nowhere left to go

Death stared me in the face
I didn’t move and stood my ground
I said it ain’t my time,so if you don’t mind
Just turn your ass around

Now I’m movin’ and I’m never givin’ up
Yeah I’m movin’ won’t stop till I reach the top

With my head held high
And my feet on the ground
I grow stronger
‘Cause I’m a survivor
And I won’t lose this fight
‘Cause you can’t put me down
I will conquer
‘Cause I’m a survivor

Aldo Nova, I’m a Survivor


Aldo Nova “I’m a Survivor” Video

Aldo Nova “2.0” Poster

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