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Let me just say, THE DAMN TRUTH  is a reckoning on stage. Their set is absolutely, like being possessed for 45 minutes while a constant stream of an invisible spell is cast out from all four musicians in one continual pipeline from the stage to the audience’s ears. It is surreal how Lee-la’s voice is conjoined with what the band is playing, and it all comes out and floats to the center of the room and falls down on an audience like honey dripping from a beehive.

Cherri Bird

The Damn Truth performing at MTELUS, opening for The Sheepdogs. The hometown favourites played an energetic set, revving up the audience for the featured act.

The band is Lee-La Baum on vocals and guitar, with Tom Shemer on lead guitar, Dave Traina on drums and PY Letellier playing bass. 


“Singer-guitarist Lee-la Baum has been called the love child of Robert Plant and Janis Joplin.”

They have been playing shows for a few years now and many fans have been following them from the beginning. Some people even had shirts from their first year and the singer sent a shout out and again lots of love to everyone for all the support. 
Like most shows, the end of the night is always bittersweet. Excited to have seen such a great show, and sad for it to end, but we were promised they would be back again soon.

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