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You can download a Dwane Dixon Poster by clicking on the shopping cart icon and follow instructions. . All of the posters are for the new CD “Betting on a Gambling Man” (2019) and used for a variety of venues and shows. Download a Dwane Dixon Posters and get it signed at a show. You can also download the pages of the CD artwork as well to include in your digital library. 

If Stevie Ray Vaughan, Billy Gibbons and Jeff Healey all lived in the same house , their next door neighbour would be Dwane Dixon.

Dan Brisebois 

Download A Dwane Dixon Poster

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Dwane Dixon is a genuine Blues-Rock ambassador for the sounds of the 60’ and 70’s pouring body and soul in the genre. He calls his signature style “Rockin’ Roadhouse Blues

Montreal Blues Society

Dwane’s Official Website

Artwork for “Betting on a Gambling Man”

CBC Radio Interview

For those who didn’t get to hear the interview with Duke Eatmon on CBC Radio last Friday September 13, 2019, here is the link.

The blues, it got people – black and white – to think about life, how difficult, yet also how good it can be. They would sing about it; they would pray about it; they would preach about it. This is how they relieved the burden of what existed day in and day out.

— Sam Phillips

We all have idols. Play like anyone you care about but try to be yourself while you’re doing so.

— BB King

I’ve been married twice. Most women would rather not be married to a traveling blues singer

— BB King

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