Dwane Dixon

“Betting on a Gambling Man”

Dwane Dixon - Betting on a Gambling Man - Post Image

Dwane Dixon • CD Artwork

“If Stevie Ray Vaughan, Billy Gibbons and Jeff Healey all lived in the same house, their next door neighbour would be Dwane Dixon.”

Dan Brisebois –

Sometimes a CD project just falls into place almost effortlessly. Dwane Dixon’s CD “Betting on a Gambling Man” was one of those projects. Initial meetings on through to the photo session, pretty much followed the same pattern as well. Shot in an “outdoor studio” setup with a painted drop and a few studio flash heads to add some dimension. Simple and clean….. except for the smoke…..  a pair of smoke machines was used to add some “atmosphere”…. and weezing.

The 9 track cd features a mix of  “Up beat Rockin’ Roadhouse Blues! Featuring red hot blues, country and slide guitar.” The cd is available for purchase online at most music services as well as MP3 downloads.

Dwane Dixon plays about 200 live shows a year!

Catch him playing Live somewhere soon!

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Visit Dwane’s Official Website

Photos of Dwane LIVE at the 2018 Montreal Jazz Festival

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