Mojo Woman

Barbara Diab - Mojo Woman

Barbara Diab & The Smoked Meat Band released their second CD “Mojo Woman” at the House of Jazz. Featuring Barbara Diab alongside her husband Pierre Lamontagne on bass, JD Slim on guitars, with Bernard “Bingo”Deslauriers on drums and JF Girard on keyboards. Guests artists included Marc “Hollywood” Deschênes on bass, Josée Brunelle on background vocals and the colourful Jim Zeller on harmonica. They also welcomed guitarist Alain Bertrand who will be taking over on guitars in concert.

The images for the CD artwork were shot March 7, 2018 at the House of Jazz in Laval. The images were “mostly” kept under wraps until the recording and artwork was completed. Often, in the past, when I had shot material for a CD project that far in advance, it often saw me doing a reshoot as many times the direction, concept, title and even music changed drastically enough that the images were not longer valid or a reflection of the music..  

Mojo Woman Artwork

You can download the pages from the CD artwork to complete your digital purchase and download.

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Artwork for Barbara Diab & The Smoked Meat Band 1st CD “To Blues With Love”

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