Guy Belanger

Guy Belanger

Guy Belanger & Friends

Guy Belanger welcomed friends to the Hyundai Blues Stage for 2 shows.

“Guythe “gentleman” Harmonica player, welcomed special guests Kim Richardson and France D’Amour to perform with him. A seasoned performer of over 18 seasons at the Festival International de Jazz de Montreal.  Guy has been awarded no less than 14 Lys Blues trophies and the prestigious Maple Blues Award  “Harmonica Player of the Year” twice! He has also written many soundtracks for film and TV” (WestmountMagazine).

Guy Bélanger est un véritable roi à l’harmonica

Frederic Desjardins

A regular of the blues festival circuit Guy can be found playing concert stages anywhere from Canada to France.

First Show – 9:00PM

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…plus qu’un artisan du blues, l’ami Bélanger est homme de coeur. Ce musicien est tout ce qu’il y a de plus authentique…Dans la pure tradition des harmonicistes qui n’ont pas besoin d’effets spéciaux pour se faire comprendre! 

Christophe Rodriguez Journal de Mtl 

2nd Show – 11:00PM

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Visit Guy’s Official Website

Photos of Traces & Scars CD Launch

…Somewhat unusually, two-time MBA winner Bélanger decided to make this disc almost entirely instrumental, putting his harmonica front and centre…Guy Bélanger is taking the harmonica to some quite wonderful new places. I wish him well on his journey! 

John Valenteyn Toronto Blues Society Maple Blues 

Check the article on the 40th Edition of the Montreal Jazz Festival in WestmountMagazine

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