Jordan Officer

Officer performing live

Jordan Officer with his full band,  photographed Friday, July 5, performing on the Scène TD at the 2019 Festival International de Jazz de Montreal.

Jordan Officer, born and raised in Montreal, grew up playing many instruments such as violin, guitar, and bagpipes. His career received a kick start when he joined renowned jazz singer, Susie Arioli. The two joined forces in 1996 and have released four albums since. After the immense success achieved by Officer with Arioli, he decided to try it on his own as a solo artist. He released his first album, I’m Free, in 2010

National Blues Review

 jazz, blues, and country

Jordan Officer the musician, composer, singer and producer has carved out his signature sound which is unmistakable whether he is backing up another singer or playing solo, and whether he is singing the blues, jazz, country, or rock’n’roll. And his live shows are unforgettable and mesmerizing, for his energy and originality, for his openness and for the tangible complicity between Jordan and his band members.

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The man is a talent to be reckoned with. Having established himself as part of the Susie Arioli band, he has gone on to create his own identity via a series of albums mixing blues, folk, country, jazz and swing, among other things. The constant is inspired musicianship, quality tunes and high entertainment value, which is why he gets to headline the main outdoor stage on the jazz fest’s final Friday night.

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2019 Montreal Jazz Festival Video

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