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Montreal native, Adam Karch, discovered the guitar at age 12, an instrument that would become his best friend and musical partner. By age 14, he was performing at various festivals and bars.

His immense talent was noted by the famous guitar player and singer, Walter Rossi who would produce Adam’s first album “Crossroad Diaries” for Justin Time Records. Soon after, Adam began performing solo guitar shows, where his soulful voice was highlighted, as well as his spirited guitar stylings. In the early days his voice was often compared to Colin James and Brian Setzer, but more recently, he has developed a range that is reminiscent of such greats as Van Morrison and James Taylor.

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Adam Karch: Recording “Moving Forward”

With his intricate fingerpicking, soulful voice and imaginative approach to re-arranging old classics, Montreal’s own Adam Karch is sure to strike the right chord with a wide variety of listeners. From his groovy take on the Bee Gees’ Stayin Alive to the emotionally-charged vocal delivery of Stand By Me, Karch makes even the most well-known classics sound and feel like his own creations on his third and most artistically mature album, but it is truly in his live performances that the tunes come breathe new life. The sincerity and range of emotion of Karch’s vocal delivery is more than worthy of being witnessed live; his prowess on the guitar only adds to the experience.

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Adam Karch Blueprints

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