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Dancing Through The Light

Dancing Through the Light Dancing Through the Light, is an experimental series to capture the abstract shapes created through the movement of dancers. These images were shot during a dress rehearsel as initial tests. Partially […]


Queen of Chesed

Labyrinth Stage Productions, Queen of Chesed ran for 2 nights at the Outremont Theatre on November 15 & 16, 2017. Queen of Chesed – Play inspired by the life of Faigie Jacobson Loosely based on the […]


The Crucible

The Crucible takes place in 1692 in the small Massachusetts village of Salem, where a number of girls become ill, falling victim to hallucinations and seizure. In the extremely religious Puritan New England community, frightening […]


Gut Girls

Gut Girls – portrays the plight of slaughterhouse workers in Sarah Daniels’ drama  set in the dark underbelly of Victorian England. Gut Girls  John Abbott Professional Theatre Department Written By Sarah Daniels Directed by Tracy-Leigh […]