Buddy Guy

WIT & WISDOM OF A BLUES LEGEND Buddy Guy is more than just a musician.  His show is a night of storytelling eclipsed by guitar showmanship intermingled with bits of wit, wisdom and humour. His […]


Bryan Lee: In Memorium 1943-2020

Bryan Lee playing Montreal Whether he’s wailing a Freddy King inspired blues ballad, stomping out low down and dirty blues, or getting down with a super funky New Orleans groove, Bryan Lee is gonna grab […]


Jordan Officer

Jordan Officer with his full band,  photographed Friday, July 5, performing on the Scène TD at the 2019 Festival International de Jazz de Montreal. Jordan Officer, born and raised in Montreal, grew up playing many instruments […]


The Paul Deslauriers Band

Paul DesLauriers is one of our most inventive guitarists.John’s Blues Picks, Toronto Blues Society  …one of the hottest live bands around.John’s Blues Picks, Toronto Blues Society Paul Deslauriers, Alec McElcheran and Sam Harrison form a blues […]


Dawn Tyler Watson

Dawn Tyler Watson, in a nutshell, smokes. She has a kit bag full of smooth moves, and a personality that lifts off the page.Eric Thom, Blues Review Magazine Dawn Tyler Watson,  photographed performing a mesmerizing show […]


George Benson

George Benson performing at Place des Art as part of the 40th Edition of the Festival International de Jazz de Montreal. I was just making records [in the early ’70s]. Even a hit jazz album […]


Colin James

Colin James, photographed performing at Salle Wilfred Pelletier as part of the 40th edition of the Festival International de Jazz de Montreal. When asked about the future of the blues, James is more than optimistic. “The […]


Sue Foley

Sue Foley photographed performing on the Hyundai Blues Stage as part of the 40th edition of the Festival International de Jazz de Montreal. “Foley has a killer voice, an impossibly alluring blend of sex and […]


Dancing Through The Light

Dancing Through the Light Dancing Through the Light, is an experimental series to capture the abstract shapes created through the movement of dancers. These images were shot during a dress rehearsel as initial tests. Partially […]