The Damn Truth performing at the Trois Rivieres Blues Festival where they opened for Styx. The Montreal based band consists of Vocalist-Guitarist Lee-La Baum, Lead guitarist Tom Shemer, Drummer Dave Traina, and Bassist PY Letellier. 

 The chemistry between the bandmates was palpable and it radiated off the stage and into the crowd. Vocalist-guitarist Lee-La Baum has this intensity about her that pulls you in and keeps you locked onto the performance. Lead guitarist Tom Shemer, drummer Dave Traina, and bassist PY Letellier were equally as hypnotic. There were moments within the set when Baum and Shemer practically played on each other, the passion these musicians feel for the music just oozing with every riff.

Nadia Pulgar

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The Damn Truth opening for the Sheepdogs

2019 Review at Rick Keene Music Scene

Singer-guitarist Lee-la Baum has been called the love child of Robert Plant and Janis Joplin.