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In capturing the Miami Beach Watercolors series, there was a small window of opportunity. Once the rain stopped and the clouds had passed, the streets would quickly dry up.

When the rain comes, they run and hide their head…

Lennon & McCartney

The Watercolors series was an accidental solution to trying to deal with less than “ideal” weather while in Prague.  I would often take a gamble and head out with my rain gear at the first sign of rain drops – the exception was if the clouds looked like a deluge or an impending armageddon. Once out, I usually focus on looking at the reflections on the street, but with the Miami Beach Watercolors, they vanished within minutes. The light coloured roads and sidewalks added a different dynamic to the images I shot around Miami Beach.

Almost everything strange washes up near Miami.

Rick Riordan

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Miami is one of these places where diversity is in our blood, where, you know, if you want to go have a Nicaraguan breakfast, a Cuban lunch, and an American diner dinner, you do.

Ana Navarro

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Miami & Miami Beach Tourism

“I’ve only been to these foreign countries: Canada, L.A., and Miami.”

Larry the Cable Guy

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